Body To Body Massage Spa Centres In Bangalore

Massage is an ancient type of healing method across the world it took top place in the list of body and skin treatments. Massages are categorized on the basis of types, origin and process.

Bangalore is known as the silicon city because of the IT-BT sector. People across the world are staying in the city and numbers cross around 1.5 crore as per 2024. Many health research says that due to busy life people of bangalore suffer with physical and mental stress.

Joispa is one of the best body to body massage spa in bangalore providing 100% satisfied service from the last 5 years. Main intention of our female to male spa is to deliver top notch b2b massage and erotic massages. Our spa build a proudful parlor culture in the city, from young to old generation across all genders prefers Joispa as first choice for full body massage service in bangalore

Joispa is located in a calm place, our customers can relax in the silent atmosphere. We have certified professional therapists for body to body massage, the attraction of our spa is lady masseuse friendly in nature and expert in creating female to male massage sessions. If you need any kind of b2b spa massage in bangalore without second thought visit us. Service charges are affordable and we respect our client’s safety and privacy.

Body To Body Massage Centres In Bangalore

Female to male massage spa in bangalore

Many clients share that female to male body massage is a dream and desired therapy for them. In the spa industry it’s also called as F2M massage, many wonder why men will be excited for this therapy? Many reasons behind it.

Therapists and clients of the opposite gender always create an intimacy during the female to male massage that is the reason most of our male clients demand for feminine masseuse. In Joispa lady therapist are well behaved and most of them are worked with international parlors as well as expert in creating happy sessions.

In F2M service different types of categories will come such as erotic massage like Nuru massage, sensual massage and thai massage, deep tissue, swedish massage. Our service will cheer you up from all types of stress caused by a busy lifestyle.

Female to male massage spa in Bangalore


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Massage Services in Bangalore

Full Body Nuru Massage Bangalore

Many of you know about various types of sensual massages among them Nuru massage is very popular across the world. It originated in Japan but adopted globally, here Nuru gel and oils take an important role in the whole process.

If you are searching for the best place to get Nuru Massage in Bangalore then Joispa is the perfect choice. Starting off, the session therapist will apply essential oils or creams to your body until it turns shiny and sloppy. During the process the therapist will slide across your body to target key massaging points and muscles. Pressure relief the tissues clear the blood flow so it will give top notch satisfaction to the full body. Joispa uses top branded massage lubricants to ensure the quality and hygienic service to our clients, Nuru massage will be performed in private rooms so no need to worry about the privacy even if we done regular health check ups of masseuse so you can enjoy the safest Nuru massage services nearby.

Joispa expanded it’s service to big areas like Majestic, Koramangala, Jayanagara, Indhiranagar, Marathahalli and many more. So browse our site for near by branches and enjoy full body Nuru massage to make your daily life much more vibrant.

Tantric Massage Near Me

Many thought both tantric and Nuru massages are the same but they are different from each other. Tantric massage is said to be ancient Indian therapy with yogic healing methods. Main difference between Nuru and Tantric usage of oils, in Nuru therapist movement is very important but in Tantra client movement will be considered.

Tantric massage depends on different types of yogic positions. The client will sit in a yoga position toactivate the kundalini points. These techniques boost the intimate desires between partners and make them feel the deep spiritual connections of body and soul.

Erotic Massage in Bangalore

Erotic Massage in Bangalore

One of the popular types of massage practice across all countries. Erotic massage is also called sensual massage. It has a lot of sub category therapies in it such as Nuru massage, yoni massage, tantric massage and soapy massage etc. Joispa is a well known place for Erotic Massage in Bangalore in terms of safety and privacy. Many might have had bad experiences with other parlors but it will not happen in our spa.From many years we have been providing adult type of massages to our clients without any negative feedback. If you want to feel an intimate relationship between body and soul then must try this therapy and erotic massages also improve your energy because of its spiritual and yogic power.

Joispa Full Body Massage Near Me

Full Body Massage Near Me

Process of targeting whole body parts which are eligible for massage is called a full body massage. Clients who are suffering from body pain, joint stress and old injuries like this therapy very much. Usually this is a long duration method so make a schedule wisely.

If you want to get a Full Body Massage in Bangalore visit our spa. Both male to female and female to male types are available in full body massage. Before the massage clients should confirm with us about highly painful areas so we will adjust force according to that. Pressure plays an important role in this process. Each body part is relaxed and improved with muscle flexibility.

Doorstep massage service bangalore

Imagine what if you can get spa treatments at your home?

It is great right that's Why Doorstep Massage Service Bangalore was started by us. Any kind of massage you can get at your own home without visiting anywhere is the main motto of this method. Home massage service in bangalore has a lot of benefits as follows.

3000 Package 1-Hr

  • Body Massage
  • Body To Body Massage
  • Happy Ending Massage
  • 60-Mins
  • Rs: 3000

5000 Package 90-Mins

  • Nuru Massage
  • Nude Body Massage
  • Happy Ending Massage
  • 90-Mins
  • Rs: 5000

8000 Package 2-Hr

  • Sandwich Massage
  • Nude Body Massage
  • Hotel And Home Service Available
  • 2-Hr
  • Rs: 8000

Body to Body Spa In Majestic

Majestic is like the heart of the city, always crowded with passengers. In such areas you can get a body to body massage offered by Joispa. Our branch has wonderful ambience and massaging tools, you can enjoy each moment with full pleasure. Client’s can discuss requirements before booking. Our executive is available to help you throughout the process, service charges for b2b spa services are customer friendly compared to any other parlors in this locality.

Best spa in Bangalore with price

If you are looking for a low price spa in Bangalore then Joispa is the perfect location for you.

Best body massage in indiranagar

Good news for clients our spa deliver best massage in indiranagar, Booking are open now.

Body to Body Massage Centres in Marathahalli

Joispa is best B2B Massage Centre in Marathahalli. Do you body to body massage then schedule with us.

Erotic Massage in Bangalore

We are offering all types of erotic massage in Bangalore, for more information call us.

Male to female massage in Bangalore

It is dedicated for female clients and male therapists. In this male to female massage, male masseuse gives treatment to lady clients. Our spa is working on dedicated feminine based yoni massage in Bangalore, within respecting the spa culture.

Yoni massage helps to recover the customers from sensual trauma. It is an important treatment to maintain the health of private parts. Many are worried about male to female massage in Bangalore but Joispa can provide secured service to all our wonderful feminine clients.

Full body massage near koramangala Bangalore

Here is a good news for all spa loving clients. We bring a full body massage service near koramangala in the form of Joispa. We have the highest number of customers from this area so we expanded our service to near them. If anybody is looking for b2b massage in this locality please make a visit , enjoy the trustworthy service from our team. Large team is always ready to serve you 24/7 , service charges are reasonable for all classes of people, services are the same in quality at all branches.

Body to Body Massage Centres Near Me

Body to Body Massage Centres Near Me

The body to body massage also called b2b massage due to physical connection between client and masseuse during the process called by this name. In Bangalore thousands of body to body massage centres are situated but most of them fail to satisfy the customers and give unreal services. Joispa is started to bring international level of service in the city and to save the customer’s from fake parlors.

Body to body massage is a treatment where the therapist uses his/her body parts like hands, arms, elbows, feet to apply high pressure to shuttle stressed muscles and tissues.This is very helpful for clients who are suffering from old injuries and tensions, you can feel 50% positive results at end of session it self. During the process our therapist ask about you requirement So without any hesitation, expressing your desire will work according to that.

At Joispa we use hot stones and massaging sticks for skiing rubbing, this process helps to remove dead skin and brings a soft and shining tone.During b2b massage service skin to skin touch activates the sensual hormones that increases rhythms of massage and end up with extreme level of satisfaction.

All body to body massage centre in Bangalore can’t provide services like Joispa. We are having masseuses from all over India and foreign too. We provide doorstep service also for clients who want to enjoy our hospitality in their own home. Visit our contact page call or chat with our co-ordinator to get a guide regarding booking and procedure.

Female to Male Spa Near Me 24 Hours

Time management to schedule a massage in Bangalore is a challenging thing for many clients. Due to workload many people forget to give precious time for self care, for those Joispa gave female to male spa service 24 hours . There are no time boundaries to get a massage,if your body and soul want a massage then just go with it.

Many set time boundaries for services but every client will not be able to catch that. On demand of customers we expanded our spa beyond schedule problems. Each time our service will be the same no difference weather is day or night our female therapist will deliver a price worthy service. 24/7 service has a lot of benefits such as it saves the client’s time, gives the working comfortability for workers, if the client misses a schedule then he can change to another time on the same day. In a city like Bangalore this is very rare facility 99% massage parlors are not having this expect Joispa. From all area branches this service is available so no need to worry and just schedule your sensual massage as per your timings.

Female to Male Spa Near Me 24 Hours
Best Body Massage In Bangalore

Here is why Joispa is Best for Body Massage In Bangalore

Joispa maintains positive feedback from customers, our service is satisfied for both male and females. We are giving such a contribution if anybody thinks of getting a body massage in Bangalore then our spa will come to their mind.

  • Joispa has the hottest female masseuses who are very cooperative with clients.
  • We are located in cool and composed places of Bangalore so customers can feel the calmness of nature.
  • Both modern and traditional types of therapies are available here, you can feel the originality of ancient healing methods.
  • Joispa is an example for 24/7 body massage centres Bangalore you can schedule a time according to your comfort.
  • Our massage service is expanded to all corners of Bangalore so no worry about the distance you can get our branches near to your locality.
  • We are offering door step massage service in Bangalore will bring all kinds of b2b and adult massages to your home.
  • Our service prices are very less compared to any other spa. We will not make unnecessary charges during the booking; we share our price chart on that basis only charges apply.
  • We give importance to customer safety and privacy. In pandemic situations like covid also successfully we provide service with necessary precautions.
  • Joispa ambiances are well furnished and massage rooms are arranged with high end tables and chairs. Various types of massaging tools are available here just to assure the abroad style of quality.
  • We are using costliest massage oils and creams for next level skiing care of clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any spa which is providing service from female therapist to male client is called female to male spa. If you want to visit this kind of place in Bangalore then just search female to male spa near me and catch the Joispa.
It is the process using different body parts like hands, legs, elbow, knees for massaging. If you want to get body to body massage in bangalore then Joispa is a wonderful location for you.
Any parlor which is giving body to body massage for example joispa is body to body spa in bangalore.
It is a process of giving body massage service at home and you can enjoy all kinds of therapies at your doorstep.
Compared to others our charges are affordable. Prices are different from one therapy to another. On our best site we gave total price details or just chat with our receptionist.
It is a process of exploring your full body by massage. Good for physical health and muscles, do you want to take a full body massage near me and schedule with Joispa.
It is an adult type of therapy having sub categories like sensual oil, Nuru massage, Tantric massage, Yoni massage etc. We have been for erotic massage in bangalore from many years with a great reputation.
Because our spa is safe and privacy one for all we are well known body to body massage centres in bangalore and expanding our branches all over the city. We have an expert female therapist and home service also available with us that is the reason you must come with Joispa.