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Use only certified and experienced therapists. Therefore, whenever a client goes to us for treatment we want them to feel relaxed and content about our offerings. In all major cities of Bangalore We also provide massages in your the comfort of your home.

You're safe and comfortable to have a massage delivered directly to your door. We're available 24/7. For more details, please reach us at Body at Body Spa close to Me at any time via phone or chat sessions through the Whatsapp number. We are always striving to provide our customers with the most pleasant experience they can get.

Joispa Keeping You Safe, Giving You Care

To continue serving you better, we are proud to announce to you that all massage therapists and staff of Joispa are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


To us at Joispa, this means we can better provide you with our exquisite massage services without fear of infection.


We are motivated more than ever, prepared and ready to help you alleviate stress, give you pleasure, and keep you happy.


With this development, you can be confident that you are not open to the risk of a Covid ínfection by visiting us.

It further helps build your confidence in your favorite massage spa in Bangalore.


We have always been ahead of the competition in terms of service delivery. Now we are proud to be ahead in the fight against Covid-19.

Why We Are Best In Bangalore?

Ours Therapist Motto 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • 1.All of us will work hard to create your trip to your hot joyful and unforgettable.
  • 2.Our girls have been professionally-trained to Bangkok therapeutic massage specifications and you'll certainly delight in the tender traces of those ladies.
  • 3.We carry opinions from our clientele and work really hard to increase our expert services.
  • 4.A routine therapeutic massage is just one among the greatest approaches to maintain the own body in health.
  • 5.100% money is going to be supplied straight back if you're notsatify by the service and massage with way of means of girl.
  • 6.Perhaps not only that, but in addition, it calms your soul and mind.
  • 7.And clearly, the very optimal/optimally element, would be that you will be pampered also in satisfying your own personal duties.

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How to Chose Massage Services Bangalore

How to Choose Massage Services Bangalore?

There will be tons of services available in the spas. As it is a matter of satisfaction and relief from stress, you can find a wide range of massage services by the company, which lists every massage service it offers. Let's see how you can find or choose a massage service in Bangalore.

  • The work you do has various difficulties and pressures, which may be physical or mental. If it is physical, you will require a massage service at your body-to-body Spa near me, where a female massage therapist rubs her body over your entire body at respective levels. So that to clear all the pain and stress your body has consumed. If it is mental relaxation, then get adopted to Swedish B2B Spa Massage Therapy. That'll refresh your mind and enable it to work with great comfort.
  • under physical and mental, You can find other massage therapies like Tantra massage, happy ending, Nuru, and erotic massage. Hot stone massage and deep tissue massage for the latter. Which all work or offer relief in another kind. So, you were also required to talk with the massage therapist about which was best for your present condition.

Choosing a massage service doesn't require any great skill set. If you understand the kind of stress you are going through, you can easily select any of the various massage therapies available at the parlour or Bella spa.

best erotic happy ending massage spa Bangalore

Which one is the best erotic happy-ending massage spa in Bangalore?

Among a vast range of Massage Indiranagar, there are only a few who can offer you the most exciting erotic massage through the finest female massage therapies. You may ask why only a few people can do this. The reason is that a happy ending or any sensual massage is illegal in all parts of the country. As this facility requires certification, it's not easily possible for every massage parlour in Bangalore to get certified. Even if they did, they were required to allocate skilled therapies, special equipment, and materials. Managing such a service is tough, but some Bangalore massage centres still manage this and offer their clients a memorable experience. Here, we named those few.

Massage is a very healthy technique to increase your glow in the skin and peace of mind. But in Bangalore, young tech professionals and busy entrepreneurs need mental happiness, physical pleasure, and a relaxing massage. Here, the demand for erotic massage spas has been surging recently.


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Shower Massage
Erotic Massage Is A Kinda Sexually Enjoying Massage

Erotic Massage Is A Sexually Enjoying Massage

Erotic massage is a sexually enjoyable massage by a hot and gorgeous therapist. The beautiful, busty lady will play with your sex organs or the most sensitive and erogenous zones of the body. joispa.com offers the best massage girls to satisfy your wildest desires hidden over so many lonely nights.

  • Massage in Bangalore
  • massage spa near me
  • female body spa near me

  • Find any one of these massage parlours in Bangalore and have the experience of a lifetime. They have permission and are well-equipped with all the necessary equipment. You will be treated with respect, and the experience will be worth the money you pay.

    How to select good trained body massage girls

    How do you select good-trained body massage girls?

    Body massage centres in Bangalore tell you about the female therapies they offer. Female therapists play a vital role in massage activity and dedicate themselves to relieving you from tension and stress. Choosing the right female therapy may give satisfaction at higher levels, and mentally, this may offer higher relief. Every female-to-male Spa near me has learned the art of making your soul, but it is necessary to select a good and trained massage therapist suitable for your taste, thoughts, and the massage you require. Then how could you choose them?

    It is pretty straightforward. As mentioned earlier, you can choose therapies based on your skills and style in the parlour. First, you must ensure the therapist is certified because every good and trained professional will have a certificate of how well they are in their respective field. So if you find out that, half of your work will get done quickly. Then, as you already know what type of body-to-body massage in Indiranagar you will take, try to talk to the therapist, explaining how exactly you want her to act. This gave her the proper idea about what you need and how. So she will take care of the rest without hurdles.



    Sensual massage
    Body to Body Massage


    Body to Body Massage
    Female to male Massage


    Female to male Massage
    happy ending spa near me


    Massage with Eritic Service
    Female To Male Massage In Bangalore

    Female To Male Massage In Bangalore

    Welcome to joispa, a heavenly place for body massage in Bangalore. We provide world-class modern massage services in Bangalore. Our massage services are used to get rid of mental tension and health issues. Body-to-body massage is our special Massage in Bangalore; a male body needs a massage from a female body. Female-to-male body massage in Bangalore helps a male body relax whole body pressure and boosts up the extraordinary energy of the body.

    Joispa provides the best massage in Bangalore. There are different types of massages available. Joispa focuses on genuine and 100% Legally authorized. Joispa has been working as a massage service all over Bangalore for five years. As we know, female-to-male massage and body-to-body massage Koramangala are popular massages in this area. Thousands of people always talk about this type of massage. In joispa Bangalore, there are several different kinds of therapists, such as hot girls and female massage therapists, who can give the best massage.

    How to search genuine Bangalore

    How do you search for genuine Bangalore massage centres?

    The pressure of everyday life puts a person in a state where he can't even think about what medicine to take to overcome the stress. It is common, especially in today's world, where different people suggest different stress-busting formulas, confusing both men and women who are doing more responsible jobs. You will be aware that massage can bring great delight to your stress.

    But getting to the finest Body massage centres in Bangalore is enjoyable, and you must be sure before leaving that you are about to experience the satisfaction of a lifetime. We at joispa are one such destination where you can keep a 100% guarantee that you will get the pleasure of massage to an undefined extent among massage centres near Bangalore; however, type in any search engine. You'll find us one of the trusted massage body spas in Bangalore, offering all kinds of massages with absolute loyalty and professional therapies.

    Massage Team

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    Shower Massage


    B2b Massage In Bangalore


    full body to body massage
    happy ending massage


    happy ending massage
    Best Massage Service In Bangalore

    Best Massage Service In Bangalore

    All people require GF; however, what amount of you have the real GF alongside Bangalore Massage advantage? It is evident that during the celebration, you contacted the incorrect individual; you will never get proper massage support in Bangalore. I am enthusiastic to give you the incredibleness of Bangalore Massage with loads of the most beloved and mysterious actions.

    Happy ending massage

    A happy-ending massage is the most energetic therapy to make you feel better and boost your body and soul. So enjoy the best happy-ending massage in Bangalore joispa. For the more advanced, feel the breath go deeper into your pelvic region. One can learn to feel the anus relax on the in-breath. Funny enough, babies all breathe this way; one can see the anus go in and out on every breath. Breathing this way connects the energy centres in the body.

    Welcome to our joispa & massage center

    Welcome to our joispa & massage center

    We have a perfect unisex spa with complete services, a traditional way of providing different types of massage spas in Bangalore. We offer a loving environment that connects you with joispa and the world around you. This allows you to feel the full effects and benefits of relaxing, which is what the therapist will do with a massage in a private room. You can have complete freedom of relaxation with the female therapists or massage by a girl.

    Female-to-male massage is also one of the best services for each and every customer of joispa.
    Let me explain to you what an F2M massage and a B2B massage are. B2B massage means a girl will give you a full body massage with her body in every part of your body. This massage is one of the famous massage therapies in Joispa Centre. Now, the next question arises: Why do we need this message? This is because we know that one should need some good massage therapy to relax. Every weekend must be something special, and that particular thing is relaxing.


    happy ending spa


    happy ending spa


    Tantric Massage
    erotic massage


    erotic massage
    happy ending spa near me

    Soniya arora

    Body massage
    spa in Indiranagar


    Massage Bangalore
    Body massage in Jayangar


    b2b Massage
    Body massage Near Me Madiwala


    happy ending
    Spa Near Me Madiwala


    happy massage
    Happy ending massage


    nuru massage
    Body To Body Massage Near Me

    Veena Malik

    happy ending spa
    Massage girls and call girls in Bangalore.


    body to body massage spa
    joispa Massage Centre Koramangala


    Massage Centre Koramangala
    Female To Male Spa Majestic


    Female To Male Spa Majestic
    b2b Massage in HSR Layout


    b2b Massage in HSR Layout
    Spa Girls in JC Road


    Spa Girls in JC Road
    Female to male body massage


    sex spa near me
    Spa Indiranagar Bangalore


    erotic massage
    Body To Body Spa Near Me


    body to body massage centre
    Female To Male Spa Near Me


    nude spa in bangalore
    Bangalore Massage Centre


    joispa bangalore
    Massage Spa Near Me

    Female To Male Body Massage

    Hot massage is one of the female-to-male therapies, and it is a master massage. Our therapist will do a massage in a private room by rubbing her body over yours. You can have complete freedom of relaxation.
    Most men love to receive a sensual tantra massage. However, guys do not realize that receiving this massage can take them into full-body orgasms with no ejaculation. We will give you some good tips to start exploring profound experiences in tantra massage for men.

    The first key is to open up and deepen your breath during the massage. Most of us tend to restrict our breathing to our upper chest area. Female-to-male massage is also known as body-to-body massage in Bangalore. Still, the main difference is that in female-to-male massage, hot and sexy girls give complete massage therapy, and in body-to-body massage, you will get a deep tissue massage. This seems lovely and surprising, but you don't have to worry about that since the joispa is 100% safe and secure.

    Erotic Body Massasge Bangalore

    Full Body Relaxation Massage

    Total body relaxation is the best way to relax your mind and body; our top therapist will give a full massage. We are the best body-to-body massage in Bangalore to provide erotic service to all customers. If you also want to enjoy the joispa massage service, where a girl will give you a happy-ending massage treatment, you will enjoy that moment. Everybody wants to come to joispa Bangalore because the services provided by joispa are outstanding due to its unique identity.

    Tantra Massage

    The second key is to relax all areas of the body during the tantra massage practice. Take your attention to the sensations in the body and look for places where there is tightness and tension. Just relax in those areas. The person massaging you can also tell you where you are holding tension.

    Nuru Massage And Erotic Massage

    Nuru Massage and Erotic Massage in Bangalore is how to make your body and soul more relaxed than ever by providing the best massage therapy by our specialists, including B2B massage in majestic Bangalore Joispa. As you get aroused, mainly relax the buttocks. This can help you not come. The third key is to make sounds of pleasure on the out-breath. This allows the energy to move out of the pelvic region up to the heart and fills the body with energy.

    Instead of the energy being expelled in an ejaculation orgasm, it can move through your whole body, eventually leading to a full-body orgasm.

    Body To Body Massage Spa Near Me

    Are you feeling stressed out and in need of relaxation? If so, looking for a body-to-body massage spa near me may be just what you need. Our resort offers a wide range of massage treatments tailored to your needs. Our experienced massage therapist staff will help you relax and feel refreshed. We offer a variety of massage techniques that can help to reduce pain, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Our massage spa is designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. So come and experience the therapeutic benefits of our body-to-body massage spa near you!

    Body To Body Massage Near Me

    Are you looking to unwind and relax after a long day? Seeking a body-to-body massage hsr layout may be the perfect way to melt away the tension in your muscles and give you peace and tranquillity. At [joispa], we offer body-to-body massage services in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our experienced and qualified massage therapists are here to ensure you are well taken care of and receive the best possible massage experience. We are passionate about offering expertise to make you feel recharged and revitalized. Whether you want an hour of relaxation or a full-body massage, you can count on us to provide the best service near you.

    What is the reason of taking massage?

    We hope you enjoy the weekend. There should be something special so you can relax by getting a massage. Body massage in Bangalore people can relieve their stress.
    Body-to-body massage in Electronic City. As we know, every man needs some relaxation in their life since they face plenty of pressure in their mind, so the body should get some massage. For the refreshment of the reason that needs some enjoyment, seeking a massage, you should be the first to contact us. Please get in touch with us, Body To Body Massage Top Massage and Spa in Bangalore.
    joispa is one of the best Spa in Bangalore because of the best therapist. Joispa provides different types of body massage services along with the sexual treatment of the body. Bellspa is one of the most popular and famous body massages in Bangalore. joispa also provides college girl services in every area.


    Having a massage in a Bella spa has more significant benefits. Our resort Spa in Bangalore usually offers massages according to health needs. Especially with body-to-body massage, you will have cleansing sessions where your body will be relieved of roughness, pain, and agony. You will then move on to a pleasurable process and, ultimately, satisfaction.

    As mentioned, our Spa offers various types of body-to-body spas, each working in different ways. When you come to our Spa to achieve extreme body-to-body massage satisfaction, we take you through these various types to help you reach your goal. Our Spa is equipped with materials that are imported from different countries, providing you with a unique spa experience. Thus, from head to toe, your body will be rejuvenated.

    Our location

      Electronic City.
      BTM Layout.
      JP Nagar.
      MG Road.
      EKR Puram.
      KR market.
      Electronic City.
      BTM Layout.
      JP Nagar.
      MG Road.
      EKR Puram.
      KR market.
      Victoria layout.
      Shivaji Nagar

    And many other places. We also provide service at the doorstep and always co-operate with all customers about the area service where they want.

    Talking about joispa.

    joispa is one of the most popular and famous body massage centres. Every person in Bangalore talks about the body massage at our Spa. Since it is a Unisex Spa Centre, we provide one hundred per cent security and safety to every customer. joispa, which also ensures privacy, has been providing the service since 2005. Our customer satisfaction has already proved this.

    joispa is one of the best Spas. Let me tell you why.

    Every branch of Joispa Center has a Unique Identity. That means we have given every spa centre a natural look. The reason for providing a natural look to the joispa Center is because of the peace and special feeling towards customers. Our massage also focuses on the neatness and cleanness of the massage service.

    Massage girls and call girls in Bangalore.

    We also provide some extra service to all customers as a call girl service. All the call girls of Joispa are energetic towards their work. If somebody does not want a call girl service, he can enjoy the same service at the Joispa massage centre. When talking about the girls, all girls are hot and sexy, and they behave in a friendly manner towards the customers. We also have a different type of call girls categories in our Spa: college girls, school girls, teenagers, North Indian, south Indian, Nepali, Bengali, Telugu, Malayali, Karnataka, Assami, foreign girls, aunties, models, homemakers, VIP etc.

    Let Me Tell You The Whole Process Of Body To Body Massage

    number images

    1. First of all you will have to select one girl from the list of several girls.

    number images

    2. After selecting a girl the next process is you have to tell what type of massage therapy is needed from that girl.

    number images

    3. You can also select more than one girl to take different type massage.

    number images

    4. After that you will be provided a private room where all the arrangements regarding the massage type will be arranged for you.

    number images

    5. There after you have to change your clothes and wear the formal clothes provided by the Joispa Bangalore.

    number images

    6. Now the female to male massage therapy begins. In this the main ingredient in the Japani oil. Which will give you a complete sensual feeling to your body and soul.

    number images

    7. This oil is special type of oil which gives sensible feeling toward the massage. And make you feel as if you are in heaven.

    number images

    8. The therapist selected by you will give you a full body to body attachment to make you realise the pleasure behind this massage.

    number images

    9. The slippery oil used in this massage give you a point to point therapy in your body. In mean while the therapists will give you a seduced massage.

    number images

    10. After certain point you will be asked about the main treatment that is naked body treatment. This treatment is included in each and every massage therapy.

    number images

    11. Now the real therapy starts. Now you will be given a breast to cheast massage therapy that help the body to relax itself.

    number images

    12. This therapy will be integrated to each and every part of your body including your private parts.

    number images

    13. In middle of the therapy you can also ask for more liquid oil to get your enjoyment better.

    number images

    14. When your body reaches to the Threshold point at that time you have to tell the therapy or you can give a signal to that therapists.

    number images

    15. And it now comes the last part of therapy that is Nuru Massage. Nuru Massage is also known as Lingam massage. This Massage is done when you reached threshold point.

    number images

    16. At last you will get the main massage therapy that is written in the service list.

    Choose Your Plans

    JOISPA Basic Package

    Rs:3000 / month

    • Short Duration
    • One Session
    • 1 TO 2 Hour Duration

    VIP PRO Package

    Rs: ? / month

    • Day Duration
    • Five Session
    • 24 Hour Duration

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A clear mind can perform better, which is the best way to enjoy the body massage service thoroughly. Many people hesitate to ask their doubts and questions, maybe because of shyness. Confused about how to communicate, worried about cheating, and sometimes they don't even know what to ask, we have cleared the most frequently asked questions by any clients for you to visit and get an utterly relaxed service.

    • 1. What are the benefits of body to body massage?

      When we buy a product, we look for its life and durability, which we will spend more on, but in our massage centre, you will get dual benefits of lower price and first-class, high-quality VIP girls for your body-to-body massage service. After every session or posture of massage, you can lively feel the blood flow and loosened tendons, which rejuvenate the body and give flexibility to perform your regular work. Caressing and cuddling can relax your heartbeat and arouse your sexual desire, which, in terms of more wanted glands, will promote a healthy life. After a happy ending, sleep and rest for your body and mind will give you a heavenly feeling and relaxation.

    • When it comes to a personal touch from body to body, most people are fond of new and exciting young girls. Our girls are fair and young, energetic and sexy in looks to attract people just by first look. Indian girls ranging from 18 years to 29 years old can provide outstanding company to any extreme Service. Some are admired for South Indian body structure and performance, but some are looking for fair and pinkish girls to entertain them, so we have a wide range of people always online to provide you with the service. Some believe that only foreigners can give an international massage, which is now proved by our Indian girls, who are better performers by regular international training, so in our Bangalore massage parlour, you will experience an international massage from an eye-catching Indian beauty.

    • It is known that something unique or special will be anyone's priority, so our Bangalore massage centre, Joispa, has taken highly trained professionals to perform with you for the best body-to-body massage. Reaching us or getting to your place is very quick and convenient since we have branches all over the city. We provide 24/7 service for both calls and outcalls. There is a wide range of girls from different parts of the cities, including both north and south India. Multi-specialists and explorers are our masseuses who take you for what you have never experienced.

    • Massage is a kind of art for lovemaking in which the giver and receiver's performance increases based on the opponent's cooperation. Every movement and stroke are significant when the play is started. It should increase your level of copulation, and that can happen only by creating a lust feel. Try to present yourself ultimately, and you can try and care for her to arouse her sexual feelings. Don't hesitate to follow your internal urge. Panicking or haste for quick action will destroy the rhythm of enjoyment. You should feel heat exhaustion in your body, and it is even good if you fall asleep.

    • Every day, many claim to start new parlours and spa centres as businesses to make quick money. Our Bella spa in Bangalore has been running for more than five years with genuine girls who are trained, experienced and very talented in satisfying any customer.
      One should see the profiles of girls and massage centres to get a valuable and genuine service that values your money and complete satisfaction.
      More choices from different states and nationalities can give you a wide range of experiences and smooth entertainment for all your senses.

    • All spa and massage centres will cost you the most per your requirement of service type and time, but you should see that the level of service and satisfaction are essential. Our Bella spa in Bangalore will always be keen on customer satisfaction, and any spa and massage centre that provides you with cleaning and body scrubbing to a happy ending would be the best choice for you to pick and pay for. Usually, most centres will take you to the room and get into action, which will not help anyone to get complete body relaxation, so pick a place where you will be cared for and caressed and provide memorable pleasures.

    • During body massage, it is essential to have the best partner who can understand and apply love to you for an orgasm and relaxing mind. Always visit the place and check for girls who attract you by their looks and outfits, and then have a small chat with them to explain what you are looking for. When your expectations are met, you are 50% satisfied. Taking advantage of girls will reduce their performance, so balance your level with her and try to get the most out of her to expose you to happiness. Our massage centre in Bangalore will care for and hear your feelings and needs.

    • There are some basics to follow before and during body massage service to enjoy it as a beautiful experience.

      • One should not eat or have more liquid food inside the stomach Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any narcotics is strictly banned Customers and masseuses should chat and spend time to clarify their doubts and explain their needs, which will help in high-end performance. Spa and massage girls need to be friendly and casual.Ensure you can also touch and perform with the girls during massage sessions; this varies from Spa to Spa and depends on your package During showers and massages, be relaxed and stay regular for the best outcome.
    • In body-to-body massage near Bomanahalli, many types and styles are provided, ranging from new to experienced girls and young to grown women. Swedish massage is best for beginners. Thai massage is very erotic and entertaining, with a happy ending. Nuru massage can penetrate deep into your tissues and also keep you excited and forcing for copulation. Japanese shiatsu massage may cause pain but triggers every acupressure point. Couple massage and sports massage help your physique to be fit and flexible. It depends on your idea of body massage, and discussing this before finalizing your body massage is advised.

    • Self-understanding is one of the best keys to treating yourself right on time, so when you feel like stretching and relaxing, your body says it needs a massage. Times when you feel tired, are too lazy to get up or do your routine work, then it is time for you to visit Bella spa in Indiranagar Bangalore for the best body-to-body massage.
      Girls are beautiful and dynamic workers who can perform all over your body with a gentle, soft touch and vigorous and high-pressure rubbing to free-flow blood all over your body. This is how you should understand your body language and treat it.


    We, joispa will never call you asking for payment in advance. Do not ever pay anyone before visiting our spa.
    People can lure you with a lot of fake pictures on social media, don’t ever fall into that trap.


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