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Spa69 Basic Package

Rs:3000 / month

  • Short Duration
  • One Session
  • 1 TO 2 Hour Duration
  • Nulla at volutpat dola
  • 0000 00000

VIP PRO Package

Rs:?0000 / month

  • Day Duration
  • Five Session
  • 24 Hour Duration
  • 0000 00000
  • 0000 00000

Frequently Asked Questions

A clear mind can perform better as well as it is the best way to completely enjoy the body massage service. Many people hesitate to ask their doubts and questions, maybe because of shyness. Confused how to communicate, worried of cheating and sometimes they even don't know what to ask, so we have cleared the most frequently asked questions by any clients for you to visit and get a completely relaxed service.

  • 1.What are the benefits of body to body massage?

    When we buy a product we look for its life and durability to which we spend will be higher but in our massage center you will get dual benefits of less price and first class high quality VIP girls for your body to body massage service. After every session or posture of massage you can lively feel the blood flow and loosened tendons which rejuvenate the body and gives flexibility to perform your regular work. Caressing and cuddling can relax your heart beat and arouse your sexual desire which in term more wanted gland will secret for healthy life. The sleep and rest for your body and mind after a happy ending will give you a heavenly feel and relaxation.

  • When it comes to a personal touch from body to body, most people are fond of new and exciting young girls. Our girls are fair and young,energetic and sexy in looks to attract people just by first look. All state girls ranging from 18 years to 35 years who can provide outstanding company to any extreme. Some are admired by south indian body structure and performance but some are looking for fair and pinkish girls to entertain them so we have a wide range of people always online to provide you the service. Some believe that only foreigners can give international massage which is now proved by our indian girls who are better performers by regular international training so in our Bangalore massage parlour you will experience international massage from an eye catching Indian beauty.

  • It is a known fact that something unique or special will be anyone's first priority, so our Bangalore massage center joispa for best body to body massage have taken highly trained and professionals for performing with you.
    To reach us or to get at your place is very quick and comfortable since we have branches all over the city. We provide 24/7 service for both calls and outcalls. Various range of girls from different parts of the cities which includes both north indian and south indian. Multi specialist and explores are our masseuse who take you for what you have never experienced

  • Massage is a kind of art for lovemaking in which giver and receivers performance increases based on opponent cooperation. When the play is started every single movement and strokes are very important, it should increase your level of copulation and that can happen only by creating a lust feel, try to present yourself completely, you can try and care for her to arouse her sexual feel. Don't hesitate to follow your internal urge. Panicing or haste feel for quick action will totally destroy the rhythm of enjoyment. You should feel like heat exhaustion of your body and it is even good if you fall asleep.

  • Every day many claim to start new parlour and spa centers as business to make quick money.Our joispa in Bangalore is running for more than five years with genuine girls who are trained , experienced and very much talented in satisfying any type of customers.
    One should see the profile of girls and massage centers to get a valuable and genuine service that values your money as well as complete satisfaction.
    More choice from different states and different nationalities can get you a wide range of experience and a smooth entertainment for all your senses

  • All spa and massage centers will cost you the most as per your requirement of service type and time but what you should see is the level of service and satisfaction is important. Our joispa in Bangalore will be always keen on customer satisfaction where any spa and massage center provides you from cleaning and body scrubbing till happy ending would be the best choice for you to pick and pay. Normally most centers will take you to the room and get into action which will not help anyone to get complete body relaxation, so pick a place where you will be cared, caressed and provide memorable pleasures.

  • During the course of body massage it is very important to have best partner who can understand and apply love on you for an orgasam and relaxing mind. Always visit the place and check for girls who attract you by their look and outfit then have a small chat along with them to explain what you are looking for. When your expectation is met there itself you are 50% satisfied. Taking advantage of girls will reduce their performance so balance your level to her and try to get the most out of her to expose you to happiness. Our massage center in Bangalore will care and hear your feelings and needs.

  • There are some basics to follow before and during body massage service to enjoy it as a most wonderful experience.

      One should not eat or have more liquid food inside the stomachConsumption of alcohol,tobacco or any narcotics is strictly banned Customers and masseuse should chat and spend time to clarify their doubts and to explain their needs will help in high end performance. Spa and massage girls needs to be friendly and casual in natureMake sure whether you can also touch and perform with the girls during massage sessions,this varies from spa to spa and also depending on your package. During showers and massage, be relaxed and stay normal for the best outcome.
  • In body to body massage near bomanahalli there are many types and styles which are provided ranging from new to experienced girls also by young to grown womens. Swedish massage suits best for the beginners.Thai massage is very erotic and entertaining with a happy ending. Nuru massage can penetrate deep in to your tissues and also keeps you excited and forcing for copulation. Japanese shiatsu massage may cause some pain but it triggers every acupressure point. Couple massage and sports massage helps your physic to be fit and flexible. It totally depends on your idea of body massage and it is advised to discuss before finalizing your body massage.

  • Self understanding is one of the best keys to treat yourself right on time so when you feel like stretching and relaxing then your body says it needs massage. Times when you feel tired are lazy to get up or for your routine work then it is time for you to visit joi spa in Bangalore for a best body to body massage.
    Girls are very attractive and dynamic workers who can perform all over your body with gentle soft touch as well as strong and high pressure rubbing to free flow blood all over your body. This is how you should understand your body language and treat it.